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This is the first book in the Not Quite Series.

Jessica “Jessie” Mann is a waitress and single mother to an adorable little boy named Danny. She is struggling to make ends meet and wants to provide a secure life for Danny. She is determined to find a man with money…


Jack Morrison is the son of a hotel tycoon and is tired of meeting women who are only after his fame and fortune.


It seems fate has plans for Jack and Jessie.


When they first meet Jessie thinks Jack is nothing more than a carefree dreamer. Exactly the kind of man she shouldnt be attracted to; a man like that can’t provide the kind of life Jessie wants for her son. Jack is in no hurry to spill his secret wealth either.


Both Jessie and Jack are forced to question what each other really wants in love and in life and together they end up finding more than they bargained for. In love, you can’t buy affections and you can’t hide from fate. Sometimes destiny has a way with making sure we get out of our own heads and find our path to true happiness.


This book was a very fast read and I honestly adored it. Jack is the cowboy we all dream about, with enough money to provide a comfortable life.

JUSTIFIED: Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens. CR: Frank Ockenfels III / FX

                                                    (I just love Timothy Olyphant!)

Where do I sign up?!


Jessie is hardworking and loves her son to the point that she is willing to sacrifice love for money. She is giving and funny and beautiful.


However, the course of true love will not be easy. There are ups and downs in the story and oh-so-many times when I clutched my chest thinking, this is too freakin cute!


This book has a happy ending and I honestly cannot wait for the next installment to read about Jacks sister.

One of my favorite parts of the book:

Jack was too much of a gentleman, too nice a guy. He respected her wishes even if he didn’t believe in them. The man of the hour stepped closer to her, took his finger, and lifted her chin so they looked at each other. “We are friends, Jessie.” “Really, Jack. That’s what we are…friends?” “Of course.” “Just friends. Are you saying that if I took my clothes off right now and offered myself to you, you wouldn’t take me up on it?” The words first widened Jack’s eyes. A hot current of need flashed on his face; the effect shot molten heat straight to her core. Then those sparkling gray eyes narrowed. “I’m not a saint, Jessie, and you know how I feel about you.” His husky voiced confirmed what his expression had already said. “Friends don’t sleep with friends.” Her words were weak. “Say the word, and I’ll turn this friendship into a relationship faster than a rattlesnake can strike his prey.” He would, she knew he would. The fire in his gaze said more than any of his words could. “To what end, Jack?” Jessie pulled away from him, felt tears sting her eyes.


I highly recommend this book and I am anxiously awaiting the second installment!

5 out of 5 stars!